Insaniyoun post by Dr.Mohammad Eldaou

Dear brothers and sisters, in the European and American societies. We are the sons and daughters of the peoples of the Arab countries, it is important to make clear to you that what is happening in our countries of popular uprisings, reflected the solidarity of all categories of our various religions and political trends To reform the governance of individual and authoritarian institutions and the establishment of constitutional and representative selection of referees according to the assets of democracy and the devolution of power and the administration of justice and the law to our rights in education and employment and a decent life … O our brothers in humanity, we strive to build our countries, as you did,In order to live in democratic societies and cultural systems compatible with your own in order to live together in a harmonious world of peace and security for all peoples. In order not to have our young people to migrate to your community to be a burden to you. O our brothers in humanity in each of the Europe and America, would you accept life in systems such as our systems? Do you accept rulers such as rulers? Did not hesitate to support our people? We urge you to support our rights and to stand by our side through the impact on systems of governance in your country that respects your opinions. We need your support to stand with democracy which we demand it. O our brothers in humanity, do not be afraid of us and our traditionsWe live in societies of different religions and exchange of mutual respect in all fields of work, study and life. The Islamic religion is a belief that the majority of the peoples of our countries, calls us to brotherhood and good work ethics and values that enhance our relationship with you. It is not as sharp as you some Arab rulers and religious pulpits in your country which deliberately on purpose, viiew the forms, the negative behavioral and intellectual, which excite you against us and against our religion, which is abnormal models do not reflect the reality of what our values and ethics and good relations between us. All that is learned about the fabrication is one of the Arab regimes responsible for the formation of terrorist cells and extremist Islamic groups that kill and cause fear.To claim that this ruling or that Islam is a danger to you, and to present himself as the protectors, in order to be supported by your own systems and to remain in power for life on the grounds that it is not indispensable to ensure their protection and they protect your interests and your security. So do not believe the official media of Arab and distribution centers rumors and propaganda work to pass this deception, do not believe these games to be adopted by some Arab rulers, to extort your own to receive support and assistance, though what they are of corruption and tyranny, injustice and hostility to liberal democracy and your community. O brothers and sisters in humanity in Europe and America, dear students, intellectuals, journalists and those working in academic and professional institutions and institutions of different fields and work, activists in political parties, NGOs and official institutions and in political decision-making centers, in the municipal councils and on boards of the House of Senate.Our young men and women in the Arab countries are moving free will and conscious mind in order to change in order to improve their lives and repair their communities just as the children of your communities have struggled to achieve what you are today, and they are inspired by your culture and your achievements are a lot of ideas and experiences. And we can assure you that you live in one world, peace, justice and human rights. And our common interests not protected by the regimes of dictatorship and the individual that govern us and enjoys the support of your own with you get rid of like her since hundreds of years. O dear brothers in the family of one humanity in the international community and global levels. What is happening in our country is part of the evolution of human society as a whole,and its consequences are not confined only in the circle of our countries. And that all improvement is achieved in our positive impact on your communities and on our common interests with you. We invite you to stand with us for the success of the march of civilization development of our global community over the planet all of us, like you, we know that we are in the world and one that unites all our people. Greetings to you,and for all to read this statement and seeks to publ Mohammad Eldaou Groupe (insaniyoun) on Facebook Copyright © 2003-2011 – Mohammad Eldaou | Philosophie insaniyoun | Humanistcenter

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